FORCE 9 comic is 66 pages long and includes Ray Blast 42, 43 and 44!!!!!

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$20.00 includes postage  (USA only)

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Force 9 Comic

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Joel D. Wynkoop, actor, King of the B movies,horror, karate, comedy, drama, cop
Splatter, gore, nudity, Tim, Ritter, Joel, Wynkoop,Truth or Dare 2, bloody
Kathy, Willets, Joel, Wynkoop, Tim, Ritter, splatter, gore, psycho
Karate, Martial Arts, Joel Wynkoop, Sean McCarthy, car chases, bad guys, action, comedy, suspense, christian, fights, funny, cool, Tae Kwon Doe
Joel Wynkoop, Tim Ritter, Part 2, Twisted Illusions, stories, twilight zone, mysteries


Joel D. Wynkoop


Vampires, Max, Joel Wynkoop, Chris Conklin, post apocalyptic,
Dirty Cop, Tim, Ritter, Joel, Wynkoop, wild, cops, badge, smashed car, drunk drivers, prostitutes