Acting Reels

Acting Reel 1


Year of production: 2010

Running Time: 1:07 min

Includes clips from "Killing Spree", "Lost Faith", "Alien Agenda: Endangered Species", "The Bite", "The Part", "Kill her, Arnold", "Screaming for Sanity: Truth or Dare 3", "Rot", "Scary Tales 2: The Return of Mr. Longfellow", "Jen-Gal 2 The Beast Returns", "Andrea's Revenge".  

Acting Reel 4

"Bat News Nine", "Scout Con 2008", "Tampa Comic Book and Toy Convention", "Easy Eddy", "The Joel Wynkoop Show",  "John Landis", "Fall of an Actor", "The Part"/"Dirty Cop 2", "The People From Table 12" ," Kill Her, Arnold",  "Vero Beach Live", "Rot", "Scary Tales 2: The Return of Mr. Longfellow", "Jan-Gel 2 The Beast Returns", "Dark Dimensions", "Light of Blood", "Wicked Games Truth or Dare Part 2", "Lost Faith", "Blood Lust", "Andrea's Revenge", "Creep", "Shelter". 

Acting Reel 2

Herschell Gordon Lewis "The Uh-Oh Show", "Brainjacked", "Forensic Files", "Stopped Dead", "Strip Club Slasher", "The Part", "Dirty Cop No Donut", "Rot", "Creep". 

30 second TV Acting Clip

"Demon Club", "Wicked Games", "Kill Her, Arnold", "Lost Faith", "Rot", "Creep", "Scary Tales 2", "Dark Comedy". 

Acting Reel 3

"Special Delivery",  "Rendevoix at Room 215", "Accidental Memories", "Wicked Games: Truth or Dare Part 2". 

TV Commercials Demo

"Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance", "Scout Con 2008", "The Tampa Comic Book and Toy Convention", "Repticon", "Wynkoop T Shirt", "I Sold It on E Bay", "Zonacon".  

Actor * Writer * Director * Producer * Comic Book Artist

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Joel D. Wynkoop


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