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Hello and thank you for checking out my web site.  My name is Joel D. Wynkoop, I have been acting and making movies since 1974 when my Dad bought me a super 8 camera and I have been making movies ever since.  In 1984 I reconnected with my friend Tim Ritter and together we made a movie called Twisted Illusions, followed by Truth Or Dare: A Critical Madness, Killing Spree, Lost Faith, Wicked Games Truth or Dare part 2, Creep, Screaming for Sanity Truth or Dare part 3, Dirty Cop No Donut 1 and 2, The Alien Agenda Series, Twisted Illusions part 2 and continue today in our joint and seperate adventures.  Here is a look at some of my work.

Joel D. Wynkoop, King of the B movies, Nun Chucks, martial arts, karate, fighting, fights
Joel D. Wynkoop, King of the B movies, Ready to fight, fight, sword, ninja, martial arts, to the death

Actor * Writer * Director * Producer * Comic Book Artist

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Joel D. Wynkoop


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